The history of a brand #2: VERSACE

When people will look at Versace's collections, they will feel astonished, petrified as if they were looking in the eyes of the Medusa

The brand Versace was conceived by the creative genius of Gianni Versace; he used these words, when he moved from the south of Italy to Milan in 1972, predicting already that he would have been part of the history of the booming fashion industry.

In 1978 after working for several well known designers, he founded the Versace Maison together with his brother Santo: both brothers owed their ability of sewing clothes to their mother, founder of one of the most renowned sartorial shops in the Italian peninsula.

The success of their brand was immediate, their creations were recognized as masterpieces distinguishable from anything else thanks to the barocco style kaleidoscopic prints and metallic fabric.

It is in fact when Gianni started using the metallic dresses made of oroton in his fashion shows, wrapping women bodies like goddesses, that he became the most beloved stylist of the best top models in the world: Naomi, Claudia,Cindy, Helena were the usual stars of his runways.

In the 90s Gianni shifted from the prints and metals to a more minimalistic design, using mostly black colored leather or fabric to make dresses closed by gigantic brooches, which became another trademark of the designer uneed the name “the pin dresses”, in a bondage inspired style; the rule for success of the Versace brand was clear: no inhibitions and continuous reinvention.

Gianni became personal friend of many stars and celebrities including Lady D, Elton John, Nelson Mandela, and indeed became a star himself. Unfortunately despite the celebrity status, he got assassinated in 1997 in his villa in Miami.

The sister Donatella, back then managing the minor brand Versus, despite the grief took over the management of Maison, keeping the style and direction of her brother to honor his work and life.

She is nowadays an icon, who has been able to continue with the tradition and creativity of the brand and her brother original purpose of highlight the concept of women sensuality in all its forms. Donatella is also sponsoring campaigns for women equality and human rights along with stars like Lady Gaga.

Thanks to her you will definitely be able to spot all the elements of greatness of the Versace brand even in the latest season collection.


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